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…and so, the same air she breathed into me, I breathe into others, to bring life & love…

daphnee g valdez

hilot, student of babaylan

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coming from a lineage of ancestral healers on both sides of my family. i am honored to work spiritually alongside my great lola tisya, lola nena and nanay carnay, and humbled to be rooted in the resilience and guidance of the indigenous tao (people) of the philippines.

great lola tisya, bender of the fire, wit of the tongue, prayer to the moon; her stern and unshakable faith moved the earth like lava colliding with the water to create new islands. not one to back down, her hands and prayers were like a tornado storm of earth, lightning, water and air, healing those who were sick or cursed. every day she blessed her body with bayabas (guava leaves), malunggay, and other herbs, co-creating with God and the divine elements. she lived and fought to teach her descendants our family prayers and hilot. 

lola nena was a birther of breath. she healed with the purity of unconditional love and light. a nurturer, her hands soothed the hearts and brought back the breath of belief in oneself. some called her a saint, for her heart still beat through adversities and survived the traumas. no matter the earth shaking, weeping of sorrow and pain, she stood in peace, power and prayer.

nanay carnay, seer of seers, born breach, inherited the gifts of her father, my great tatay juan, their town's albularyo (faith healer). she was sought out for her gifts because it is believed that people born breach are gifted with the power of healing. her strong will allowed her to see deep into the future, sustaining our ancestry and descendants. to see beyond the human and the ego, she created a telescope of ancestral knowings that made the light waves of the universe ignite.

one of my first spiritual teachers is my mother, maria milagros, who taught our family's roots and practice of hilot (indigenous filipinx healing). it was first about the touch and the heat, the feeling of love in the heart through the hands, then the words; the practice and patterns followed. as i developed my healing gifts, my dreams have continuously opened the door for me to be a student of babaylan, gifting me mediumship and connection with spirit and ancestral guides.

finding the balance with the filipinx indigenous ancestry of healing and various healing modalities, i was called to receive my level 1 & 2 reiki training (japanese healing) with marie kyoko morohoshi in "buliyum puyuuk (mt shasta) as referred to by the winnemem wintu tribe". 

as a first-generation queer pinay, i am passionate about working with pinays, lgbtqia+ bipoc & transitional age youth. i've been involved in youth and lgbtqia+ activism for over ten years and on an ongoing journey of spiritual activism, focused on reclamation and remembering.

i truly stepped into alignment after i gave birth to teyo. i felt the love and light of my ancestors, moon goddesses in my life, and inner strength. i am honored and grateful for this healing legacy & offerings and look forward to guiding you, working towards connecting your higher self, human being & ego.

maraming salamat.

hella love! hella light! hella healing!

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