the beginning - self-determination - manifestation - Divine/ancestral guidance

rooted in filipinx healing such as hilot along with japanese reiki, each session is unique, centered on unconditional love. guided by Divine-Creator, sessions can include benevolent ancestral guidance, divinations, spiritual surgery, oracle card readings, and chakra clearing/balancing. utilizing healing hands, sessions incorporate all the senses and held with sacred light and protection.

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spiritual mediumship

connecting - channeling - clarity

surrounded by Divine-Creator's protection and light, connect with benevolent ancestors - loved ones who have passed on/transitioned over. healing messages may help with closure, affirmations, and guidance. this sacred channeling is centered around love, humility, and permission.


oracle card reading

discovery - change - agency

calling in the guidance of Divine, elements, 4 directions, and benevolent ancestors, oracle card readings provide support with various challenges that inhibit us from moving closer to our loving purposes. this work can include readings around relationships, inner guidance, and overall directional support.

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young spirits

kommunity sessions

(ages: 18-24)

-where to begin-

be led by the guidance within; curiosity about spiritual messages or spiriutal experiences and what to do with it; a sacred opportunity for young spirits ages 18 to 24 years old to begin and receive coaching on their spiritual journeys. sessions are held once a month online. *BIPoC LGBTQIA+ youth at the center.

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kommunity session

spiritual wisdom - trust & faith in the spiritual process of kapwa (shared identity, interconnection of beings)

breaching the Divine-Creator within and around, these sessions encompass filipinx healing such as hilot and Japanese reiki. kommunity group sessions of 2 or more people activate powerful energy, creating a spiritual bond that weaves through an inner and outer experience. this spiritual process of intergenerational kapwa signifies points of a compass, each person bringing in their unique selves while working collaboratively, amplifying the healing process.


intuitive spiritual coaching

wisdom - inner knowing - truth

the essence of creativity, intuitive spiritual coaching sessions are celestial collaborations of Divine guidance, elements, hilot, reiki, oracle card readings, spiritual mediumship & more. in co-creation, these monthly intuitive spiritual coaching sessions call in the depth of wisdom, igniting and uniting your powerful tatsulok (triangle) - human, ego & higher self. be held in mother earth's love and protection, as it is safe for you to be you.



"every session with daphnee has been a life opening experience. these session has enhanced different ways of my life, spiritually, mentally, physically and empathetically. most importantly this healing from the inside out, the most memorable form because of what i've felt emotionally. truly brings out the light from inside you."

Deziree, gas & electric industry manager